ChildSmiles Dental 

              Marion County School-Based Dental Prevention Program  

Dental Case Management
Helping Families Put the Pieces Back Together

ChildSmiles Dental  offers unprecedented school-based case management services for children at risk for dental compromise. These services are available by referral from the school nurse and on a case by case basis. This component will help alleviate the school nurses’ dental caseload so they can focus their efforts primarily on the clinical care of students.

This dental case management system ensures assessment, triage, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and follow-up/recall. The case management activities will include: (1) dissemination of assessment results, (2) interactive case management, (3) expedited treatment, (4) oral health monitoring, (5) establishment of a dental home, (5) public-private collaboration with local dental care providers, and (6) oral health education programs for caregivers and the community.

Our dental case managers will obtain and analyze all information for a successful referral to the dentist. Information includes: confirmation of insurance coverage (e.g., Medicaid), willingness of another payor to assume treatment cost, a current medical history, and consent from the student’s caregiver. The case manager assures that the student will get to the dental office on time; this may require arranging transportation to the appointment. Our dedicated dental case management team will act as a conduit between children in need of dental care (and their families) and the local dentist that provides these dental services.