ChildSmiles Dental 

              Marion County School-Based Dental Prevention Program  

ChildSmiles Dental wants to enhance both the present and future dental health of children living in Marion County.  Dental disease prevention and increasing the community's oral health literacy are our primary community goals.  According to the American Dental Association, dental care alone, without social changes, is a poor and ineffective dental health model and does not prevent disease.  We understand that social, economic and geographic factors, directly and/or indirectly, influence the dental health of children by shaping their dental health-related behaviors. Our program takes into consideration the correlation between early-life experiences and general health across a person’s entire lifetime and potentially across generations.  

In addition to providing preventive dental care, one of our initial priorities will be to address the social advantages and disadvantages that are contributing to the dental health of the children participating in our program.  We do this by taking dentistry beyond the school's classroom into their primary classroom...their homes. By extending dental education to the local family unit and increasing the community's dental literacy, we will be one step closer to positioning the citizens of South Carolina for success against dental disease. 

Raising Oral Health Literacy In Communities...

ChildSmiles Dental is committed to developing, sponsoring and implementing an annual community-wide oral health awareness program for the benefit of families served by our partnering school district(s).  

Figure: Influences On Health: What shapes the conditions that shape health? (Braveman, Egerter)