ChildSmiles Dental 

              Marion County's School-Based Dental Prevention Program  

Promoting Healthy ChildSmiles 

Screen for Dental Disease.

Every child needs to have an annual dental exam because only a dentist can diagnose and treat dental disease. In addition to providing dental screenings and preventive dental care in school settings, we educate and encourage caregivers to make establishing a dental home for their child(ren) a priority.

Make Referrals to Dentists.

Dental disease is the most chronic disease among children today, even more prevalent than asthma. According   to  the  Center  of    Disease Control and Prevention  28%  of children ages  2  to  5  and  23%  of school-aged children,  ages  6  to 19, have  untreated dental decay.

Prevent Dental Disease.

Good oral health habits, regular dental check-ups by a dentist and community oral health awareness are key components in the  prevention  of dental disease. These components help  children establish the foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health.

About Us

ChildSmiles Dental, LLC is South Carolina‚Äôs newest school-based dental prevention program provider under the clinical direction of Monique Williams, DDS, MBA.  Our school-based dental program partners with local schools and assists them in referring children with unmet oral heath needs to local dentists to receive affordable comprehensive dental care.    

ChildSmiles Dental is a philanthropic organization founded, in part, by Marion County native, Chanda Parsley, to enrich the smiles and lives of children residing in Marion County.   We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthy ChildSmiles, LLC.


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